Product Alert

MDaemon AntiVirus and SecurityGateway™ Users

One of our security technology partners, Cyren, recently announced a rapid liquidation of the company and its products. Cyren's antivirus/malware and antispam technologies are used as additional security layers in our MDaemon Antivirus and SecurityGateway products. Although the Cyren services are currently running and providing updates in our software, we are taking immediate action to replace and/or remove those technologies.

Because of the sense of urgency in the matter, we will be replacing the Cyren Malware Detection (antivirus/malware) as our first priority. A new layer of integrated antivirus and malware detection technology will be added through a strategic relationship with a cybersecurity provider with more than 20 years of industry success and whose email security technology is used by one of the largest email companies in the world. The new solution is currently in beta testing and customers can expect an updated release using this technology in the coming weeks.
In conjunction with the replacement of the Cyren Malware Detection, we will be removing Cyren's proprietary Recurrent Pattern Detection, also referred to as Outbreak Protection, (antispam) feature from our software products. We are actively researching and considering viable antispam technologies as suitable additions to the existing antispam mechanisms found in our software products.
Once our final beta tests are complete, we will be releasing software updates and instructions to you to obtain the new versions of MDaemon Antivirus and SecurityGateway. We have provided some answers below to the most critical questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are my antivirus and antispam features still working?
Yes. All Cyren features are still working. Additionally, our software includes SpamAssassin and ClamAV as additional email protection layers and those services will continue to function without restriction on currently active AV licenses.

Will the functionality of the new antivirus/malware solution be the same?
Yes. The new integrated solution will use ongoing signature-based updates for the detection of known and emerging virus and malware threats.

How will the removal of the Cyren antispam feature affect my end users?

The results will vary depending on how many spam messages are being sent to your email accounts. The removal of the Cyren Recurrent Pattern Detection/Outbreak Protection could increase spam if those messages were frequent and identified as spam. As a best practice, admins or users should continue filtering or marking messages as spam as they are likely to increase the effectiveness of the additional spam prevention tools and features that exist in our software products.

How will I get the new updates? 
You will need to download new versions of the affected software. We expect the integration and testing to be complete in the coming weeks and you will be notified to update the software to a new AV solution.

Will I continue to receive emails?

Of course! All MDaemon and SecurityGateway mail routing features continue to function as usual.

Does this change affect all MDaemon Technologies customers?
No.  Only customers using MDaemon Antivirus and SecurityGateway.

What do I need to do next?
Stay tuned for an announcement and instructions on how to update your current MDaemon Antivirus and/or SecurityGateway software with the new anitvirus technology.